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Letter to a Birthmother 

To my Birthmother: 

I have always wondered about you, what you’re like, what you look like, if I look like you. I’ve never searched for you earlier  because I didn’t want to interfere in your life in any way.  Now in my mid-life, I realize that I need to fulfill my great desire  to know who I am, where I came from, my family history.  Although I have this need I will still respect your feelings.   

My greatest hope is that we will be able to meet someday.  I’m not looking for a "mother".  I’m looking for pieces of myself  that I feel I can only find through you. 

It must have been very difficult for you back in 1946 and I know  you must have loved me very much. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 

With love, your daughter, 
Jean Marie  (now Anne Elizabeth  )


Letter to a Birthmother from Adoptive Parents 

Dear Joan:

I learned yesterday that you are the Birthmother of our adopted daughter, Kathy. My wife, Eileen, and I are overjoyed to learn that you are willing to tell Kathy about her genetic background and her blood relatives. This has been a continuing mystery to Kathy. It is wonderful that you have been so open to telling her about yourself and in getting to know a little bit about Kathy. 

Kathy was a beautiful gift that you gave to my wife and me! We will be forever grateful to you for your courage and generosity. Kathy has enriched our lives so much more than anything we have done for her. She is a blessing. Since she was very small we have told Kathy that you, Joan, must be a very special person, and we often have asked her to pray for you and your happiness…  
We want to remain in touch. 

Again, God bless you for letting us raise such a precious child. You will always be in our hearts. 

With the warmest feelings, 

John and Eileen 

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