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Our Purpose 

Origins strives to bring a moderate voice to the subjects of adoption, search and reunion. We recognize the importance of the need to know one's origins, but at the same time the need to respect people's wishes and personal situations. Origins attempts to balance the needs of each side. Origins acts as a confidential intermediary, searching and facilitating reunions while recognizing that this may be a difficult transition requiring good support, communication, and sensitivity. Many searchers hope for a relationship with the person they are searching for, not just a brief one-time reunion. Lasting relationships must be built carefully in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. Both the search and initial contact must be done in such a way to build a basis for this trust and respect. We promote healing and closure, dealing with the here and now, not dwelling on the past.
Origins, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to:
  • search efficiently and discreetly.
  • approach initial contact sensitively and discreetly, with an opportunity for the person being contacted to discuss their concerns, feelings and apprehensions.
  • support all parties during the search, the initial contact, as well as post-reunion counseling.
  • conduct their work on a basis of mutual consent tempered with trust and strict confidentiality.
Origins encourages you to begin your search by doing as much as you can yourself, and offers helpful advice and support during this process. Origins, Inc. believes that as individuals and families reunite they develop a deeper perception of their personal identity and belonging. 

Who Is Origins, Inc.?

James E. McDonald - Jim is the owner of Origins, Inc. He is a licensed Private Investigator and has successfully conducted adoption searches and done counseling in this area for many years.

Thomas J. Buechele - Tom serves as an advisor to Origins, Inc. He was a Roman Catholic priest for 20 years and has worked with Origins as a searcher and search consultant.

Dr. Michele Svatos Ph.D. - Michele is a retired professor of Philosophy, an ethicist, and a reunited adoptee. She serves as an advisor to Origins, Inc. and assists as a coordinator with special projects.

Dr. Mary Jeanne Krob M.D. - Mary Jeanne is a board certified General Surgeon, has an MS in instructional design and technology, as well as an MS in Genetics. She is also an adoptee who has searched for her birth family. She serves as a search consultant and advisor to Origins concerning all sides of the adoption triad.

Origins, Inc. is affiliated with:

  • International Soundex Reunion Registry
  • American Adoption Congress
  • Iowa Genealogical Society
  • Iowa Reunion Registry
  • Iowa Association of Private Investigators

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